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Want to get a new iPhone X case for your fancy mobile? Well, you have come to the right place. Here we offer you a wide variety of phone cases that are durable, protect your mobile and match your style.

There are over 2.000 unique designs available to choose from at Gocase, with a further customization setting that allows you to give a personal touch to your new case — add a picture you like, your name or change the model’s colors, for example.

Each case comes in three versions with different benefits: the Soft Flexible, the Deluxe Matte and the Anti-Shock. All of them are made of high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which provides extra resistance.

Why you should get a new case

The smartphone you carry in your purse, pockets, or in the palm of your hands needs to be taken care of. With an iPhone X phone case, your mobile will be protected from any harm.

The case is made of a combination between TPU and silicone, which means that the cover is malleable and functional but also resistant. It will defend your phone from scratches, falls or dust and has raised rubber edges to protect the screen.

At the same time, the iPhone X silicone case is highly flexible, meaning it can be bent without losing its original shape. It is slim and lightweight so as not the make the phone too heavy, and also has a strong grip, so it won’t just slip out of your hands even if they are sweaty.

An extra level of safety

Bringing more protection than the classic Soft Flexible model is the Deluxe Matte case. It further raises the edges towards the screen and has an even higher resistance to scratches.

The Deluxe Matte comes in two versions: the regular one, with the added matte finish which allows for a soft touch surface; and the iPhone X clear case is the transparent, see-through one.

Want an extra level of safety? Luckily for you, there are also anti-shock cases in black and white models. These are military-graded products, certified in their ability to protect your phone from almost any source of damage.

Matching it with your style

There is a case here for everyone, every style and personality. So, should you be a serious globetrotter, a sports enthusiast or an astrology fan, for example, you will find many cute iPhone X cases available.

Alongside your cases, another way to make your phone fit with your looks is in the add-ons. At Gocase, items such as the iPhone cable lightning come with their own design, letting you match them with the case.

And, if you are looking for functionality as well as cuteness, consider getting a wireless car charger to go along with your new case. It lets you charge your phone while driving and keeps steady to make sure it is safe.

Customize your case

With plenty of design options at your disposal in our store, you are sure to find some cool iPhone X cases to your liking. And, with our customization tools, they can all be made more authentic and unique.

In order to personalize your new case, just pick a model you like and click on it at the store. At the next page, you will see different options of customization according to the design you chose.

One common way to give your personal touch to the case is to add your name to it through a text box, or just put your names’ initials in it. But also, other models can be further customized by adding a picture or letting you alter the design’s colors or filters, for example.

Design and protection at Gocase

Gocase is the right place to get the best iPhone X cases. Here you will find a wide array of possible models to choose from, all of which provide plenty of protection and beauty.

Pick the one who suits your style and personality the most, or just choose a case that will complete your looks on the next night out. The possibilities are endless, letting you go as yourself.