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The best iPhone 7 cases can be found right here, at Gocase. We have a wide variety of models, with over 2.000 unique designs and options that allow you to create a case yourself.

Give a personal touch to your next case, or just choose one of the many models available. There is an alternative for every style and taste, so you have a great chance to find one that suits you right here.

Gocase stands for the motto go as yourself and takes it seriously. We understand cases are not mere items, but extensions of our own personalities and that’s why we let you put your favorite picture, color, filter or message in many of them.

High-quality cases

Before we get into further details about design choices, it is important to talk about the quality that goes into the iPhone 7 phone cases delivered to each of our customers.

The cases are made with top-notch hermoplastic urethane (also known as TPU), which is a combination of plastic, rubber and soft silicone. This material is resistant but also highly flexible, letting it be bent without losing its original shape.

This kind of iPhone 7 cover protects your mobile from any scratches, falls or any impact damage. Its raised rubber edges give extra protection to the screen and the overall strong grip will prevent your phone from slipping out of your hands even if they are sweaty.

Why you should get one

Accidents happen, am I right? Now, imagine what it would be like if you went out with your friends and one of them sat on your phone or dropped it to the floor. Friendship ruined, right?

Well, not if you have one of the best iPhone 7 cases to save the day. Any harm that could have occurred is prevented in this situation and in many other similar ones which could happen.

Other difficult situations may not revolve around protection alone, though. Charging can always be a tricky thing to do when not at home, for example, and that is why Gocase offers solutions like the power bank, which comes with its own design to match with the rest of your kit.

Designs for everyone

Now that we have mentioned design and matching, how about we get into details? First, what you should know is how much your style is valued by us and how we let you express it.

Here, you will find cute iPhone 7 cases inspired by your favorite show, characters, animals or whatever you like the most. Take a look at the Catpuccino case, for example. It has an adorable drawing of a cat inside a coffee cup.

With this one, like many others, you are able to change the cover into the version you like the most by customizing the design. In this case, the cat’s color can be changed and the cappuccino he is in can be a chocolate, strawberry or caramel one.

Giving it a personal touch

Personalizing your case is something you can do with nearly all of the models available in our store. Some of them even let you create the design yourself, like the custom iPhone 7 case.

With this one, you are in charge of everything. Create the background by inserting one or more photos you love, then add some filters to it, put on a special text message and voilà!

To keep making your whole phone kit feel more personal, you can buy some additional products that suit your style and help you in other ways. Get an iPhone cable lightning that can come in handy at times while still matching your style.

Get yours right now

Go as yourself by getting your new iPhone 7 case from our store. All of the best quality and cutest cases are here just waiting. Complete your looks with the one like the most.

Fell in love with more than just one model? Don’t feel shy about it and go get them, after all, we both know that each situation asks for a different case. Anyways, just know that you are always welcome to come back and take a look at what we have in store.